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The Youth Impact Ambassador for UN-SDGs is currently accepting applications. 

High School Friends

Youth Impact Ambassador for SDGs

The Youth UN-SDGs Ambassador is a comprehensive program, where online seminars will be held on a monthly-basis. It is hoped that through this program, it can increase the youth participation in sustainable issues through education. The Youth UN-SDGs Ambassador is open to high school / college students or young entrepreneurs to equip them with skills and knowledge of UN-SDGs Impact, including data collection, history, and project proposal creation. As a result, ambassadors will be well-equipped to optimize UN-SDG Impact. The Program will cover the following aspects:

  • Introduction of SDGs

  • The SDG Impact Standards

  • Five Dimensions of Impact

  • SDGs outcomes aligned with Enterprises SDGs outcomes aligned with Investors

  • SDGs Implementation Agency

  • Measurement of SDG Impact

  • Data-driven Optimization of SDG Impact Governance and Accountability for SDG Impact

Group of Friends

What Youth UN-SDGs Ambassador offers

Comprehensive Training on UN- SDGs including:

  • Seminars on UN-SDGs, measurement of SDGs' impact, story formulation and data-driven optimisation Service Learning / Field Study engaging with NGOs for data collection

  • Story Formulation of NGOs Projects on Traditional Media and Social Media

  • Proposal Formulation

  • Multicultural Exposures with Students Ambassadors in other regions

Technology Class


Apply knowledge and skills to real-life situations 

  • Knowledge Transfer of UN-SDGs

  • Capacity Building of UN-SDGs Projects

  • Proposal Formulation of UN-SDGs Projects

  • Implementation of UN-SDGs Projects in action


  • Upper primary / Secondary / college school students, young entrepreneurs

  • Good leadership, communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving

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