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Social Impact Investment & Sustainability (SIIS) Conference 2022

Co-organized by the Social Impact Investment and Procurement Foundation (SIIP), STARS Foundation, TAMEE, and the Global Steering Committee for Carbon Neutral Action(GSCCNA),  with the strong support of the United Nations Special Agencies and other international partners,  the event will be held in  Hong Kong on April 23 and 24, 2022, offline and on a global webcast. 2022 Annual Conference on Impact Investment and Sustainable Development" aims to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Climate Change Goals signed by more than 190 heads of state at the UN General Assembly in 2015. The conference is composed of a main forum and three high-end roundtable dialogues, covering ESG, carbon neutrality and metaverse related government management, rule of law and environment, social responsibility, investment and finance, manufacturing, research and technology, certification and trading, green consumption, sustainable procurement and global collaboration.

Blue Skies


  • Negative Screening vs. Positive Screening

  • ESG System Integration

  • Assessment Models and Applicability

  • Participation in Corporate Governance

  • ESG International Development

  • Socially Responsible Investment

  • Opportunities and Challenges


Carbon Neutrality

  • Carbon Neutral Strategies and Policies

  • Carbon Neutral Manufacturing and Technology

  • Carbon Neutral Investment & Finance

  • Carbon Neutral Certification & Trading

  • Carbon Neutral Digital and Upgrading

  • Carbon Neutral Trade & Consumption

  • Carbon Neutral Education & Culture

  • Carbon Neutral Assistance & Collaboration



  • Metaverse Future Vision and Development Boundary

  • Metaverse Investment and Technology Innovation

  • Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

  • Metaverse Governance and CSR

  • Metaverse and Sustainable Development

  • Creative Driven Future Digital Civilization

  • Metaverse and Digital Art

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