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Youth UN-SDGs Ambassador

Global Youth Leadership for UN Program

SIISC 2022 Side Event
Global Youth Leadership for UN Program
Youth UN-SDGs Ambassador
2022/04/24 8:30 am -12:00 noon (UTC+8)

25 Under 25 Finalised Ambassador List

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Personal Statement

Leqi, CHEN

​Serial Number: 10

School: The Overlake School, Seattle

My name is Leqi Chen, I’m from Wuhan China but moved to Seattle in 5th grade, and I currently attend the Overlake School. I have a lot of leadership experiences, such as being the co- captain of my school’s speech and debate team, the chief editor of my school’s yearbook, along with the co-founder of neuroscience and psychology club. My background growing up in multiple countries caused me to be passionate about social justice, humanities, and learning about different cultures. I am observant to recognize the problems in my community, and a strong critical thinker to provide solutions to combat these issues. I co-founded my school’s curriculum reform initiative after noticing that I’ve barely learned about issues ingrained in our societies from school. We now cooperate with teachers to decolonize the social studies curriculum on campus. I also serve in ASB as the DEJI coordinator who coordinates with school admin, affinity spaces and other segments of ASB to create DEJI related school-wide events, as well as a student equity council member which addresses students’ disciplinary cases that are specific to DEI purposes (such as students who constantly express bigotry, or sexual harassment cases). Lastly, I can speak multiple different languages fluently. My English and Mandarin are both in native and bilingual proficiency, I have limited working proficiency in French and Spanish, and elementary proficiency in Korean as I’m completely self-taught in this language. I hope to be selected for this program because I care about creating an impact and helping those around me. I recognize my privilege being here today and am incredibly grateful of all the opportunities I have that girls growing in certain developing countries might not have. However, I see them, I hear them, and I want to help them. Hearing about the UN SDGs for the first time made me realize that change would be possible. I hope to be a good advocate for these goals and make more privileged youths involved in my efforts to combat climate change, inequality, poverty, etc., and do so in innovative and novel ways that would be the most accessible and relatable to them despite having different experiences. I’m collaborating with a non-profit organization to start a book drive for children in developing countries and poorer areas of society surrounding books related to gender, identity and the power of dreams. We’ve started our first goal, 1000 books for countries in Africa. I also reached out to one of my teachers to help assist an all-female school in Rwanda over the summer to provide academic and enrichment opportunities. Lastly, I’ve joined my school’s PERIOD. Chapter, a nonprofit organization that aims to end period poverty of 500 million women around the globe. We are planning to host bake sales for free menstrual products to be donated to those needed as well as local city-wide donations for those that are willing to distribute their clean menstrual products. Overall, I aim to use my critical thinking and problem-solving skills and help tackle the SDGs.

Personal Statement


​Serial Number: 18

School: Harrow International School Hong Kong

Grade: 12

A hermit crab extended its pincers from inside a plastic doll’s head, and began to scuttle towards me. The uncanny grin on the plastered face was stained green with patches of moss, and like a deranged, decapitated mutation, it came for me. The ultimate horror movie on par with The Shining for a 10 year old me, the crab on that family beach day branded haunted my dreams for years. As I first came across the UN SDGs, I was triggered to recollect the eerie Frankenstein crab of my childhood. Though I was traumatised, I came to an epiphany that I, alongside everyone else, was the culprit in creating such devastating real life horror movies. Sea turtles and dolphins have been ensnared by soda can nettings, seagulls and tuna fish have been choked to death by ingesting straws, and seals have been suffocated by plastic bags on their heads. Unable to unlearn this inconvenient truth, I swore to reform myself from an offender to a defender. Inspired by Thunberg’s dauntless advocacy, informed by my own trauma, and stirred by interdisciplinary subject knowledge, I wish to participate in the SIISC 25 Under 25 election as it is the perfect platform for me to raise awareness, elicit empathy and incentivize actions in society to create real impact on reaching SDG 14 goals. Capitalising on my strength of socialising, I am able to recruit like minded peers across all walks of life to maximise the power of synergy; knowing that each individual has his or her own unique traits that are crucial to the success of my YAP proposed activity, I see myself occupying a coordinator and leadership role. Having leadership experience leading service trips to Mongolia and other rural areas in Thailand and China to donate necessities and engage in volunteer teaching, my heart has always been set on contributing back to my global community. I am also the president of my school’s Golf Society, vice president of the Chinese Economics society, Year 12 Student council representative and Head of House, and such responsibilities have given me unique opportunities to connect students by organising charity auctions and interclub service opportunities. Such experiences will be invaluable when it comes to executing my YAP. Forming a collective with peers, I would then partner with schools and develop a semester-long project centred on SDG 14. Educating students on the SDG in workshops, I would then organise beach cleanups where students sort rubbish, which will be reused as raw materials for the collective artwork competition. Utilising the power of group effort, students in large groups would create paintings with the reappropriated trash and their resultant pieces would be sold on charity auction, with the proceedings donated to a charity that supports the work of SDG 14. I believe that every individual has the power to change the world, regardless of how insignificant we are. I want to be the change I wish to see, and SIISC would hopefully be the golden platform of my dreams.

Personal Statement

Muhan, QIAN

​Serial Number: 26

School: East China Jiaotong University

Programme: undergraduate 

I am Qian Muhang, a 19-year-old student from Shanghai, China. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree at East China Jiaotong University and serve as a Global Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Development and Carbon Neutrality. Many people do not have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the concept of sustainable development and the major development issues facing the world, such as global poverty, hunger, educational inequality, and climate change. I aspire to be a promoter and participant in the "low-carbon, eco-friendly, and sustainable" ideology, and I want to contribute my part to better fulfill social responsibility. I am an exceptionally well-rounded student who has won multiple national and provincial awards in science and innovation competitions. I have volunteered at the Shanghai Library, interned at government departments, served as an international volunteer at the Giant Panda Base, and participated in the China-France exchange program. I have also worked as a student reporter for the Shanghai Morning Post. My research project, "Exploring the Use of Economic Levers to Promote the Implementation of Urban Household Waste Sorting," was highly praised by Researcher Yang Zhigen, a chief expert at the China Association for Science and Technology, who commended my forward-thinking waste collection fee model. This SIIS "25 Under 25" Global Outstanding Youth event has made me realize that, in the context of globalization, a young Chinese student can do something through their own efforts. Currently, I am leading a new research project, "HandOverTheCarbon," which aims to strategize ways for people to transition to low-carbon transportation, in response to China's dual-carbon goals. China is striving to reach its goal of peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 through energy-saving, emission reduction, and industrial restructuring. This requires the active response and implementation of more people. I am more than willing to become a practitioner of the SDG plan, contributing to a beautiful and green China.

Personal Statement

Chenghei, WONG

​Serial Number: 19

School: Pui Ching Middle School Macau

Grade: Senior Year 1

I am Huang Jingxi, currently studying in Grade 10 at Pui Ching Middle School in Macao. I participate in various extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school, and have also cultivated diverse interests, such as filming, tea art, basketball, and more. Since I was young, my family has educated me to raise my awareness of environmental protection. Therefore, I am deeply interested in the field of the Earth's changes and sustainable development goals. Additionally, I often see news reports stating that young people will become the future successors of the Earth, which has greatly inspired me to do my part. My school, Pui Ching Middle School, has also provided me with many resources and platforms. My school is the first carbon-neutral school in the country, and in recent years, the school has strongly encouraged students to promote and focus on sustainable development and carbon neutrality. It also gives students opportunities to put their creativity into practice. Growing up in such an environment, I have also fully developed various abilities, such as public speaking, filming, and creative thinking, achieving a balanced development in all aspects. I plan to use the concept of "Emanating from the Center" as the basis, using my own actions to inspire more classmates to join the team, and influence others as a peer. The atmosphere at school can then spread to families and communities, achieving the effect of a nationwide movement.

Personal Statement 

Michelle, DING

​Serial Number: 7

School: Lake Buena Vista High School, Florida

I’m currently a rising sophomore at Lake Buena Vista High School in Florida. As I’m exploring different aspects of society, I find that I enjoy public speaking and debate, business, STEM, and now the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. I was first introduced to the SDGs in my AP Human Geography class during my freshman year and became attached to the subject. Just a few months later, I encountered the UN SDG & Youth Leadership Program and decided to take the opportunity to enrich myself. Not only did I learn more about the UN’s goals, but also how I could implement them into my everyday life. The world’s sustainable development challenges call for the next generation of change makers, and I feel that as a GenZer, my talent and passion can help advance the cause if I step up to the challenges as a young leader. I decided to apply for the Youth Ambassador Program and “25 under 25” for the same purpose right after I completed the UN SDG & YL course and earned its certificate. I am capable of being one of the winners because I have a valuable set of strengths. In addition to my outstanding academic accomplishments at school, I devote a lot of my time to community service and youth leadership. For example, as the top debater at my school and the co-founder and administrator for International Student Speaking and Debate Association, I have strong communication, leadership, and operations skills. I am the only student sitting on the School Advisory Council at LBV High School. I just spent 6 days volunteering at the Special Olympics 2022 USA Games in Orlando, the largest one in Special Olympics USA history. I participated in the global Diamond Challenge as one of the youngest competitors there for the first time, and managed to advance to the finals with my team among 700+ competing teams worldwide. This is the most prestigious high school entrepreneurship competition that involved social and business innovations, group cooperation, speaking, presentation skills, and quick thinking, all of which I had developed during my middle school years. Our creative solution was an app designed to address teen mental health issues, which falls under UN SDG #3: Good Health & Well-being. Hence, I already have the experience of tackling a huge problem the world has been facing, particularly one related to the sustainable development goals, and developing a solution for it. My greatest strength is what I’ve already done to help sustain our society, and my dedication to continue doing so with my skills. For this competition, my SDG report will introduce the youth mental health solution, how it works, what’s unique about it, and why it’s a valid solution. I hope to win this competition for the purpose of not only validating my leadership and prior accomplishments, but also setting a role model of advocating and advancing UN SDGs to make our world a better one for many years to come.

Personal Statement

Jinchuan, LI

​Serial Number: 29

School: Affiliated Experimental High School of Beijing Normal University

I am Li Jinchuan from the Affiliated Experimental High School of Beijing Normal University. My purpose for applying is: through this event, to promote and spread the concept of sustainable development goals, encourage individuals in my surroundings to integrate carbon reduction measures into their daily lives, and drive my school and community to reduce carbon emissions. My outstanding advantages include: first, as a firm advocate of carbon neutrality, I have clear goals, strong determination, and feasible plans; second, as a high school student, I am familiar with the school and community, have some influence, and our generation is the backbone for achieving the dual carbon goals; third, I have accumulated some experience from previous relevant activities, and the awards I have received are both affirmations and encouragement. My implementation of the SDG plan mainly includes: Goal 1: Understand the local carbon neutrality situation. Actions include visiting relevant government websites to collect data and information, understanding China's current carbon emissions status; conducting interviews and surveys to map the carbon footprint of the school and community, understanding the local emissions situation; and learning about the methods for achieving the "dual carbon" goals and improving sustainability in the local area. Goal 2: Raise public awareness through learning opportunities. Actions include sharing learning resources, providing lectures and new courses for students in my school; organizing visits and tours to let community members understand carbon neutrality in real life. Goal 3: Initiate community practice and guide emission reduction. Actions include launching various volunteer activities and on-site investigations, allowing participants to contribute methods, time, and effort; organizing on-site investigations to seek more information, technologies, and methods to promote the sustainability of school and community infrastructure. There may be challenges in the process, but I am confident in addressing them. I also look forward to your guidance and suggestions!

Personal Statement

Sengtong, SIO

​Serial Number: 23

School: Pui Ching Middle School Macau

Grade: Senior Year 1

For a long time, I have been eager to express my views on the global stage and contribute to the problems that still exist in various parts of the world. To achieve this goal, I have been actively participating in various activities. The "25 Under 25 Global Shaping Leaders" is an opportunity for me to showcase my talents and give back to the world. Therefore, with years of accumulation and a burning passion, I have applied to participate. I have participated in many activities involving exchanges with students from around the world, such as the Knovva-organized G20 simulation, which has given me more confidence in connecting with the world, focusing on the world, and understanding the world. In addition, in many case competitions, I have also put forward novel ideas and explored my own innovative potential. This year, I have also actively participated in the sustainable development activities organized by my school and the community, such as the sustainable development course organized by the Macao Model United Nations. These activities have cultivated my innovative ability, leadership skills, and solid academic knowledge, giving me more confidence in competing for the "25 Under 25 Global Shaping Leaders" award. My plan is based on the theme of carbon neutrality. The main focus of the activities is to lead the younger generation to take action for carbon reduction and discuss the impact of climate change, while cultivating the leadership, influence, and innovative abilities of the youth. This proposal primarily revolves around two main activities: a Carbon Neutrality and Current Affairs Club, and a Youth Climate Change Summer Camp.

Personal Statement

Christopher, YE

​Serial Number: 3

School: Scarsdale High School, New York

Hello there, my name is Christopher Ye, and I am a freshman at Scarsdale High School in New York. My parents immigrated from mainland China, and I was born here in the US. Influenced by my parents, I study hard, and I am a straight-A student at my school. I have two brothers and a sister at home. While my parents are busy working, I often take care of my brothers and sisters. My mom always tells me that it is important to take responsibility as a brother and take social responsibility to make the community better. In 2019, I attended a seminar that was given by my neighbor Dr Xu. He has a charitable non-profit called Cry for Africa and he showed many pictures that children in Africa who were sick and hungry. I was shocked by those pictures and my dad decided to bring me and my brother to join his program and travel to Africa in 2020. The trip was canceled due to Covid-19. But in my heart, I wish I can do anything to reduce the hunger issues. In 2020, during the pandemic, many seniors were hungry and locked down in their apartments, I co-led a food pantry program with two non-profit organizations: Chinese Coffee Club and UA3 in New York City Chinatown. I help recruit more than 100 high school volunteers. We prepared vegetables and food and gave them to people around Chinatown who have no money to buy the food. In the past two years, I have been dedicating my summer to organizing, helping, and running this program and contributing to one million pounds of food that was delivered to the poor. I received the golden medal from the Presidential Community Service Award. I think that my personal strengths include my commitment, hard work, drive, and my ability to raise the morale of people around me. I am compassionate about helping people and making the world better. I am good at making strategic decisions and can manage multiple tasks very well. I am an outgoing person and well-rounded. I am open-minded and willing to learn new things. Making a positive social impact on one of SDG goals such as reducing hungry is exciting to me. One of the reasons why I want to participate in the 25 under 25 competition is to show people that reducing hunger issues (one of SDG goals) can be achieved by donating money, collaborating with others, and spending time packing and delivering the food to the people who are hungry. By just spending one or two days a week, we can change other people’s lives and make our life more meaningful. The nomination of 25 under 25 gives me a confidence boost. I can make a bigger impact by allowing many people to know me and this program and raise their SDG awareness. One more person joins this program, one fewer person who will be hungry.

Personal Statement

Ana, GUO

​Serial Number: 16

School: Pui Ching Middle School Macau

Grade: Junior Year 2

My name is Kwok Tsz Yuen, a student from Macao, China, with student ID 22140076. I am currently studying in Grade 8 at Pui Ching Middle School in Macao. Recommended by the school, I am participating in this course. I am a member of the IGEM club, mainly responsible for project diplomacy and the SDG part. Purpose of Nomination As a member of society, I want to contribute and serve others. I strictly demand of myself and strive to become a role model for others, promoting the SDGs. Secondly, my participation in multiple SDG projects has given me rich experience that I can draw upon. Outstanding Advantages Unlike other contestants, I am relatively younger, and therefore have greater potential for growth. In my studies, I have excellent learning ability, focus, and strong memory, consistently ranking first in my grade. I have excellent public speaking skills, adept at communication, exchange, leadership, and debate. I am polite and respectful to teachers, optimistic and kind to classmates, and take good care of my 4-year-old brother. Chinese: 3rd place in the Hong Kong School Speech Festival Cantonese Poetry Recitation Competition, 1st place in the "Inheriting the Centennial Aspiration · Building a Better Life" essay competition... English: Grade A in PET, Gold in TOFEL Junior... Mathematics: Bronze Award in SIMOC Math Competition, Bronze Award in Huaxia Cup... Computer: Outstanding Award in 2021 Creative 3D Object Design Competition, 1st place in 2021 Tencent Youth AI Dream Camp... I have also achieved remarkable results in science, history, geography, and other subjects. SDG Action Plan As a student, I will host large-scale lectures at school to promote the SDGs. I will also set up booths for lower-grade students to play and learn about the SDGs in an interesting way.

Personal Statement

Zhini, LIN

​Serial Number: 14

School: Yuexiu Mingde Experimental Middle School

Grade : 7

I am a second-generation philanthropist, and I have a strong interest in SDG13 - Climate Action. In April this year, I participated in the "Stockholm+50: Regional Youth Empowerment Dialogue on Climate Action" and received a certificate of recognition. After learning the UN Youth Leadership Program curriculum, I planned the "Cover it 'Robe' it" project related to the classification of discarded masks. I hope that through the implementation of this project, I can advocate for the youth group to participate in climate action and practice a low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle. I plan to, together with my team members, regularly carry out promotional activities for the classification of discarded masks in outdoor or community settings. I will also promote the relevant departments to restore the "mask-specific trash cans" in the garbage transfer stations, and guide everyone to form the habit of cutting the straps of discarded masks to prevent marine life and wild animals from being entangled and harmed by them. I also plan to initiate a discussion on the classification of discarded masks on the internet, calling on everyone to upload photos of discarded masks in outdoor or beach settings to a designated mini-program. My personal advantage is that I have been practicing sustainable development-related public welfare activities since I was young. I have my own WeChat public account and my own team. When I was in fourth grade, I led a youth public welfare integrated reading project I had planned, and participated in the second "Social Innovation Cup" micro-public welfare investment competition organized by the Guangzhou Social Organization Innovation Center and guided and funded by the Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, and won the fifth place. I donated the two thousand yuan prize money to the Guangzhou Charity Association to establish a personal named public welfare fund. In 2019, with the help of my mother, I opened the country's first WeChat public account dedicated to teenagers, "The Power of Youth", which has now reached 43,000 readers. The online and offline public welfare activities I have planned have involved a total of 35,000 participants, and now more than 10,000 high school students have joined my public welfare team.

Personal Statement

Xiaoxian, WANG

​Serial Number: 1

School: Hefei No.8 Senior High School

Personal Introduction: Wang Xiaoxian (Student ID 22150115), a graduate of the 8th Middle School in Hefei, is the head of the Cultural and Arts Department of the Student Union, a district-level "Three Goods" (good student, good conduct, good in study) student, and a school-level outstanding student cadre. Purpose of Candidacy: The United Nations is the best platform for anyone who aspires to work towards a better world. I hope to use this platform to broaden my horizons, have more opportunities to deeply understand the current human rights situation, and learn from and progress with like-minded workers. I have been working to maintain equality around me since high school. If elected, I plan to establish an international social organization related to the SDGs as an international student in college, call on more people to participate and expand its influence, and lead students from various countries to conduct on-site investigations based on the current national conditions. Highlights of Strengths: Outstanding academic ability: Won multiple international awards such as FSSM, NEC, CSMC, and IOL, and ranked in the top ten in the grade; Served as the head of the Cultural and Arts Department of the Student Union and has been awarded as an outstanding student cadre for three consecutive years; Exceptional leadership: Frequently served as the organizer and team leader for various competitions and activities, with rich leadership experience; Abundant practical experience: Conducted various activities related to the SDG goals during high school, with the lectures having a significant impact on the campus, and received school-level commendations. Introduction to the SDG Implementation Plan: Organized multiple campus anti-bullying awareness activities and conducted related questionnaire surveys; As the founding lead vocalist of the school's first band, has held multiple public welfare activities on and off campus, using music to speak up for minority groups and raise funds; Interned at the Jintian City Law Firm, participated in case discussions and meetings, and gained a deeper understanding of social fairness and norms; Directed and filmed an anti-campus bullying themed short film and played it at the school-wide assembly.

Personal Statement

Dantong, ZHANG

​Serial Number: 31

School: Hong Kong Baptist University

I am a final year student who majors in the Humanities at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Equality is a fundamental requisite for building a prosperous and sustainable world. The reason why I participate in “25 under 25 global Outstanding Youth” selection is because I am eager to make a difference and support efforts to achieve gender equality. My CGPA ranks the highest in my study program, and I published four articles as the first author. I am the Vice- President of HKBU Model United Nations (MUN) Club. As one of the few female Chinese Executive Committee members in the team, I have organized multiple conferences and training sessions for my trainees (including PhD students) to educate them about UN knowledge and help them to prepare for MUN conferences held in Geneva and the U.S. In order to promote gender equality (SDG 5) in the local community, I have conducted a thematic survey-based research project to understand the situation of domestic violence against women in Hong Kong city. In my survey report, I first searched the database of WHO and UN- Women in order to understand the global phenomenon and history of domestic violence against women. Second, I adopted a qualitative method to confirm my study setting, objectives, the scope of violence and scrutinized the past international research. There were 76 responses received throughout the research period. The initial aim was to gain the estimates of the prevalence for various types of domestic violence against women in Hong Kong city. It is also essential to capture a comprehensive picture of which sort of domestic violence is associated with a series of women’s physical and psychical health issues. By documenting and making comparisons between the study strategies, I also intended to discover patterns of how women cope with such violence. Third, I analyzed the data that were collected from my survey. I used some visual graphics to demonstrate the respondents’ attitudes and highlight the most significant trends. Finally, I proposed several solutions to address the problem. My recommendation to the problem includes building a safer cyber environment for women, calling upon the judicial institutions to design more effective policies and encourage the relevant government departments, private sectors, NGOs and educational institutions to play their cards right and take up their responsibilities. To me, the notion of ‘empowerment’ for women is just a lower bound for addressing all the gender-related inequalities. Why must women be ‘empowered’ to achieve what they desire or aspire to achieve in the course of their life? Because they are told to be discreet and likable which means they are in powerless positions. Domestic violence against women is often a “silent” condition of suffering. But the light will eventually triumph over darkness if we can confront such pain and trust the united power.

Personal Statement

Songying, HAN

​Serial Number: 28

School: Peking University

My name is Han Songying, a female postgraduate student majoring in Diplomacy at the University of International Studies, where I am also the head of the Arts Department of the Postgraduate Student Union. Prior to this, I graduated from Peking University, where I was awarded the titles of "Excellent Undergraduate" and "Outstanding Graduating Student" by the University, as well as being recognized as a "Young Theoretical Backbone Talent." Purpose of Candidacy Contribute my efforts: The times are precious, and every generation has its own talents. As we are in the "Decade of Action" for sustainable development, we young people have the responsibility to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to achieving the SDGs. Connect with like-minded individuals: It is difficult for one person to rise up alone, but it is easier for a group to make progress. My individual efforts are just a drop in the ocean, but with the spark of others, we can ignite a great fire. Broaden my horizons: When three people walk together, there is bound to be something I can learn from. This opportunity can allow us to share, complement each other, and gain experience. Pursue my passion: The path is long and arduous, but I will never give up my aspirations. Why should I abandon my lofty goals and settle for a quiet life? Outstanding Advantages Platform advantage: The University of International Studies is renowned as the "cradle of diplomats," and as a student there, I have been immersed in a broader global perspective. Resource advantage: As a graduate of Peking University, I have a rich network of alumni resources across various sectors of society. Capability advantage: I hold bachelor's degrees in both literature and engineering, and I am currently pursuing a master's degree in law. I am proficient in Chinese, English, Japanese, and computer programming languages. Interest advantage: I have always been dedicated to contributing to the SDGs and global governance, and my passion for this is unwavering. Experience advantage: I have emerged from the mountains of Yunnan, experienced the mud and ordinary, and also tasted the glory of being recognized. I have been tempered by the trials of life, but my heart remains unchanged. SDG Implementation Plan Outline Daily life: I will continue to practice volunteer service, and at the same time, organize SDG-related activities on and off campus to guide the people around me to join the cause. Long-term plan: I believe that people are the foundation of the SDGs. I will continuously strive to improve myself and become the high-quality, versatile talent needed for the SDGs. In the future, I will work in the field of diplomacy and foreign affairs, and truly contribute to the realization of the SDGs.

Personal Statement

Xuantong, LIU

​Serial Number: 25

School: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I am a student at the Foreign Affairs College, a university directly under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am the founding chairman of the YGPWAlliance (The Youth Green Public Welfare Alliance). I am China's first multilingual talent innovation leader. I have previously worked at the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization and the renowned global non-profit VIVALAVIDA. Over the years, I have received several national-level youth awards spanning public welfare, technology, and politics. As the principal responsible person and researcher, I have been working to improve the risk management of the artificial intelligence and facial recognition information industry. My work in this area is currently undergoing further national-level R&D, and I have received a national-level proposal award and the highest prize at the China Youth Simulation of the CPPCC National Committee as well as a national-level award at the National Public Safety Competition. I am the principal investigator for two major national R&D projects related to agriculture and facial recognition. I founded the YGPWAlliance, which currently has around 200 members from universities and colleges in China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Algeria, Bangladesh and other countries, as well as over 1,600 participants. We have established cooperative relationships with 16 large government and non-governmental organizations, as well as dozens of relevant social organizations. We have launched multiple initiatives such as river and watershed protection activities in Canada and youth empowerment training lectures in Burkina Faso, contributing to global regional cooperation, environmental protection, and supporting youth leaders in areas like rights education and resource sharing. Purpose of Participation: As a talent proficient in the UN's working languages of English, French and Spanish, I have been exposed to diverse cultures and have studied fields like diplomacy, law, literature, and history, recognizing the important role of international organizations in the future shared destiny of humanity. As a member of the younger generation, with my own capabilities and through exchanges with outstanding individuals, I have established an NGO organization oriented towards the UN's SDG goals, dedicated to promoting China's distinctive major-country diplomacy and pursuing the UN's agenda together with youth from around the world, achieving remarkable results. I hope that through participating in this selection process, more people will see the power and innovative dynamism of China's young people in the world. I wish to exchange ideas and enhance capabilities with like-minded individuals, while maintaining a humble attitude as I continue my journey on a broader stage. Standout Advantages: I have proficiency in multiple languages, a broad perspective, and strong communication skills. I am dedicated to the UN's development, hoping to jointly realize the vision of a shared human destiny, and have already invested in practical efforts that have achieved good results, with a foundation in personnel, organizations, exchanges, partners, and experience. In addition to my academic studies, I have the capacity for independent innovation and overall planning, currently participating in university student innovation and entrepreneurship activities, including one municipal-level project and one national-level project, both of which have achieved corresponding results. Implementing the SDG Plan: Based on the existing foundation, I plan to carry out global partnership programs, SDG-themed leadership conferences, regular online meetings and exchanges with pioneering global youth, and propose new initiatives to implement the SDG plan. Through cooperation with international organizations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the UN, non-profit organizations, and civil society, I will explore more opportunities to study and implement the SDG plan in a targeted manner, addressing local SDG-related issues.

Personal Statement

Shiqi, WANG

​Serial Number: 15

School: Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Canada

Wang Shiqi, born on July 29, 2004 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, is currently studying at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, a high school in Canada. During my time at school, I have maintained excellent academic performance, winning the school's academic honor award for four consecutive years. At the same time, I have actively participated in school activities, becoming a core member of organizations such as "Women in STEM", Model United Nations, and the Environmental Protection Club, and even founded the Asian Student Association at the school, hosting events like the "Anti-Racism Workshop". I hope to continue contributing to the harmony of society and the campus in the future. Purpose of Candidacy I believe that the fresh perspectives and global outlook of the youth are indispensable in promoting global sustainable development and carbon neutrality. My understanding and vision of the 17 SDG goals, carbon neutrality, ESG, SDGs, and the metaverse are built upon my attention and awareness of globalization and international affairs. My experiences of living and studying in Asia, Europe, and North America have not only given me a global perspective, but have also allowed me to see many undervalued and unfair issues in society. Most importantly, I deeply understand the inner needs of the youth and their expectations for the future of international development, and I hope that through my continuous learning, accumulated organizational experience, as well as my unwavering determination and empathy, I can contribute to creating a better world. Highlights of Strengths Leadership and interpersonal skills: In serving as the president of the school's Asian Student Association and organizing various on-campus and off-campus activities and competitions, my leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities have been greatly enhanced. I can quickly become friends with people and have a certain charisma among my peers. Global perspective: Thanks to my parents' educational philosophy and my experiences of living, studying, and traveling in different countries, I have developed a globalized worldview. Implementation of the SDG Plan Although with social progress, women's rights are receiving more and more attention, there are still issues of gender inequality and lack of female education, especially in the field of STEM. I hope to use online education to promote women's interest and learning in STEM, and in the future, discuss the challenges and solutions with more enlightened individuals.

Personal Statement

Valentina, ZHU

​Serial Number: 27

School: Jinan University, China

I am from Venezuela and am currently pursuing a degree in International Economics and Trade at Jinan University in China. My experience of growing up and learning in a multicultural environment has enabled me to be proficient in four languages (Spanish, English, Chinese, and French), and the sparks generated by the collision of Chinese and Western cultural education have cultivated my strong comprehensive abilities. This competition provides a platform for us young people to lead and advocate for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By upholding the development principles of the United Nations and applying the cutting-edge knowledge from our academic disciplines, we can set an exemplary model for the new era's social leadership, and promote the active participation of youth in the action plan for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As an aspiring individual who seeks to achieve and contribute to the international community, I also see this competition as a precious learning opportunity to challenge myself, showcase the exemplary spirit of outstanding youth, and inject fresh blood and youthful vitality into the world. Among the many fields of interest, leadership and management are the subjects I am most passionate about. I have been closely following the current hot topics and keeping up with the latest developments in leadership theory and strategic management. During this journey of exploration, I have also participated in a series of specialized academic training programs, which have cultivated my innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as my core capabilities. As a researcher focused on studying business performance cases, this time my implementation plan report centers around SDG8, urging the international community to "promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all." The key is to explore how to achieve this goal through the implementation of proactive policies and institutional support for youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

Senior Advisory and

Youth Mentorship Committee

Dr. Jan Mattsson.png

Mr. Jan Mattsson

Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Member of the Inspection Panel of the World Bank, Chief Strategic Advisor of SII


Prof. Zheng Quanshui

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chief Scientist of Qian Xuesen Class, Tsinghua University, Dean of Zero One Academy


Dr. Luo Xiang

Former China Representative of UNOPS

Co-Chair of the Global Steering Committee for Carbon Neutral Action


Mr. Satya S. Tripathi

Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and former

Secretary General, Earth Alliance for Sustainable Development


Dr. Dania Zhou

Co-Founder, CSC Impact Investment Fund, UK

Mr. Johnathan Chong 

Co-founder and director of Social Impact Investment Foundation (SII); Director, Yuai World Foundation; the Founding Chairman, S.T.A.R.S. Foundation since 2010; General Partner, EU-China Fund since 2015.


Ms. Angela Chen

Inter-agency Coordination Specialist, UN Women


Ms. Ruoxi Liu

Advisory Council Member of Global Shapers Community, Vice President of FasS Capital

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 12.10.11 PM.png

Ms. Jinpei Li

Managing Partner, Valkyrie Fund, Partner, Eureka Meta Capital

Digital Economy Collaborative Innovation Lab (DECIL), USA


Ms. Serena Ding

Jefferson Scholar and Echols Scholar @ UVA

VP of Speaker Series, UVA Scholars of Finance

Founder of United Under Arts and co-founder of StudentPort

Ms. Li He

Co-Founder of DELISH management company

Ms. Joy Xi

Founder & CEO of "More than Words", Tencent Star Speaker Mentor


Event 1: UN Youth Leadership Program

To better support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Youth 2030: United Nations Youth Strategy, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) launched the UN Youth Program globally. It aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge on climate change, economic and social development, science and technology, and to encourage youth to pay attention to global issues such as environment, public health and climate change, and to enhance their creativity, leadership, decision-making, collaboration, communication and implementation through training, research and practice.

Project Mission and Objectives

The project aims to share knowledge about climate change, economic and social development, science and technology using the SIIS conference platform and the global knowledge and business networks of the United Nations and other specialized agencies, to encourage youth to pay attention to global issues such as social impact investment, sustainable development, and environmental climate change. It hopes to foster international youth leaders and innovators with a global perspective who can solve complex problems in the future.

Recruiting Targets 

The organizing committee will recruit young people (12-25 years old) from all over the world, mainly university and high school students and young entrepreneurs to participate in activities related to SDG, carbon neutrality, impact investment and SIISC 2022 with guest panelists.


  1.  Opening remarks by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

  2. SDGs and carbon neutrality knowledge sharing session by the UN officials.

  3. Youth leadership and diplomacy training course provided by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).

  4. Participation in the digital art/drawing HACKATHON event for young people, led by the Digital Economy Collaboration Innovation Lab (DECIL) in the United States. The winners will receive a prize and the winning artwork will mint NFT, the proceeds of which will be partly donated to the SIIS Conference.

  5. Participation in the dialogue forum organized by DECIL on the theme of digital art/Metaverse and sustainable development for young people.

  6. Participate in the Impact and ESG Investment Fundamentals Training organized by Scholars of Finance (SOF);

  7. Participate in the "Global ESG, Metaverse and Sustainability Dialogue" organized by Scholars of Finance, StudentPort and Youth Entrepreneur and Finance Association (YEFA);

  8. Participate in the impact investing and ESG sharing event organized by SIIS.

  9. To submit a presentation on SDGs, ESG and carbon neutral solutions, and participate in the dialogue with the conference guests.


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), established in 1963 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, is the highest level executive body of the United Nations General Assembly, with two functions in the UN system: training and research. The training function is to help the 193 UN member states (especially developing countries) train diplomatic government officials in international cooperation through international training and conferences, thereby promoting global cooperation for the common development of all mankind; the research function focuses on major issues in the fields of world peace, security, economy, society and education.


Expected outcomes.

- Participating youth will be required to select any of the following SDGs to practice in their school, community, or country.

1. Conduct a presentation or lecture to become a pioneer in promoting the UN SDGs.

2. Organize an interest group study or field trip to become a UN SDG action pioneer.

3. Conduct a thematic questionnaire survey, prepare a research report and propose solutions to the problems identified to become a pioneer of creativity.


Submit the above results in the form of illustrations/drawings or videos to the expert jury for evaluation, and the best works will have the opportunity to be shared and published in relevant international events (organized by the United Nations and other international organizations).

Expected Outcomes

Participating youth will be required to select any of the following SDGs to practice in their school, community, or country.

  • Conduct a presentation or lecture to become a pioneer in promoting the UN SDGs.

  • Organize an interest group study or field trip to become a UN SDG action pioneer.

  • Conduct a thematic questionnaire survey, prepare a research report and propose solutions to the problems identified to become a pioneer of creativity.


Submit the above results in the form of illustrations/drawings or videos to the expert jury for evaluation, and the best works will have the opportunity to be shared and published in relevant international events (organized by the United Nations and other international organizations).


26 March -30 April 2022
Every Saturday night 7:30-9:30PM

26 March -30 April 2022

26 March -30 April 2022

Sustainable Development Goals Module (12 lectures)

  • Goal I: Poverty Eradication

  • Goal III: Good Health and Well-Being

  • Goal IV: Quality Education

  • Goal V: Gender Equality

  • Goal VI: Clean Water and Sanitation

  • Goal VII: Clean Energy Goal IX: Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure

  • Goal XI: Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Goal XII: Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Goal XIII: Climate Action

  • Goal XIV: Life Below Water

  • Goal XV: Life on Land

Skills Module (2 lectures)

  • Skill 1: Leadership Skills

  • Skill 2: Presentation Skills

Invited Sharing (2 lectures)

  • Sharing I: The United Nations and Global Governance

  • Sharing II: International Cooperation and the Community of Human Destiny

Event 2: Sustainability, Impact and ESG Investment Training, Cross-generational Dialogue and Proposal Showcases

What started as a UN CSR initiative more than 20 years ago has grown into a global environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) movement, and Millennials and Generation Z will be at the forefront of the fight for sustainable development and a more equitable society. Through fundamental training, cross-generational dialogue and project showcases, the event will focus on how youth can advance the UN's sustainable development and carbon neutral goals and increase their social impact on through ESG and impact investing, and provide practical advice on potential career paths in related fields.


Scholars of Finance (SOF) is a fast-growing international youth-led finance nonprofit organization on a mission to inspire and develop the character and integrity of future financial leaders. StudentPort is a global GenZ community of 1800 student leaders featuring 200+ student-ran organizations, startups, and initiatives. Youth Entrepreneurship and Finance Association (YEFA) is a high school student-run nonprofit organization with a mission to empower the younger generation to be financially literate and business-minded, and to encourage youth entrepreneurship and social responsibility to better serve their communities.

Expected Outcome

Through engaging thousands of young people around the world in relevant training, project proposal submission and intergenerational dialogue, we will promote young people's understanding and attention to the UN's sustainable development and carbon neutrality goals, encourage young people to think about how to change society through impact and ESG investment, and provide practical suggestions for their participation and career development.


28 February - 10 April 2022

17 April 2022 (the evening on April 16, EST)

24 April 2022 (8:30-10:20PM on April 23, EST)

Youth Ambassador Application and Call for SDGs, ESG and Carbon Neutral Project Proposals or Ideas​.

SOF Social Impact and ESG Investment Foundation Training (90 minutes)

Cross-generational Dialogue - Zooming into the Future: How Youth Can Impact Society through ESG Investing

  • 8:30-8:35: Remarks by Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

  • 8:35-9:30: Cross-generational Dialogue moderated by Serena Ding

  • 9:30-9:50: Presentation of SDGs, ESG and carbon neutral proposals by 3 Youth Ambassador candidates and expert comments (5 minutes each)

  • 9:50-10:20: Interactive session with questions

Event 3: SustainaDAO Digital Art Hackathon and Thematic Dialogue on Metaverse and Sustainability

  • Youth and the community are invited to participate in the SustainaDAO Digital Art Hackathon to express their understanding and concern for the SDGs through digital art

  • Award ceremony and exhibition of winning digital artworks

  • Dialogue on Digital Art, Metaverse and Sustainable Development.


Digital Economy Collaboration Innovation Lab (DECIL), is a nonprofit organization based on Silicon Valley, USA, that is dedicated to advancing blockchain technology, facilitating collaboration needed for technology adoption, and building a more sustainable ecosystem to bridge the gap between crypto communities and mainstream. At DECIL, we believe that some of the most pressing challenges of our society, such as sustainability, can be better addressed with a decentralized collective effort that ensure the transparency, longevity, and interoperability.

Expected Outcome

  • To promote the understanding and attention of youth to sustainable development goals through the process of digital artwork creation

  • Through the discussion of digital art and Metaverse, the youth will learn about Metaverse and be encouraged to think about how to achieve the integration of Metaverse and sustainable development goals.


26 February - 30 March 2022

16 April 2022

24 April 2022

Hackathon Online Call for Digital Artworks

Hackathon Online Award Ceremony

​SustainaDAO Digital Art Hackathon panel

  • 10:35-10:40 Hackathon launch team speech

  • 10:40-10:45 Hackathon introduction video

  • 10:45-11:20 Award-winning entries and speeches by award-winning representatives

  • 11:20-11:50 Digital Art, Metaverse, Sustainability Dialogue (4-6 panelists)

  • 11:50-12:00 Question and Answer Session


  1. All registered participants receive a certificate of participation in the corresponding program.

  2. Participants who have passed courses and the assessment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Global Youth Leadership Ambassador for UN will receive a certificate from the United Nations agency.

  3. Participants who receive the Global Youth Leadership Ambassador for UN Certificate and continue to complete the series of professional training will receive priority recommendation to participate in the UN internship program.

  4. Those who pass the assessment will be awarded by the organizing committee of the conference and receive the SIIS2022 organizing committee's certificate for the Youth Ambassadors' activities certificate.

  5. The winner of the Global Youth Leadership Ambassador for UN Certificate will be preferentially recommended to participate in the United Nations International Talent and Diplomacy Program and will be preferentially recommended to participate in the United Nations Internship Program.


Note: Those who participate in all the above activities and pass the evaluation will receive both the Global Youth Leadership Ambassador for UN Certificate from the SIIS2022 Organizing Committee.

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