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United Nations
Global Youth Leadership Program

August 1-10, 2024, Beijing

Technology Innovation and Climate Action

Global selection of Youth interested in Science, Technology,
Climate action and Multilateral diplomacy

This program is tailored for young people (13-25 years old) who have a keen interest in international organizations such as the United Nations, multinational corporations, and the field of science and technology! If you aspire to a future in global multilateral diplomacy, cutting-edge innovation and technology, impact investing, the digital economy, green industry transformation, or entrepreneurial excellence, as well as actively combating global climate change and advancing science, technology, and innovation to achieve the Global Sustainable Development Goals, then this program is for you!

António Guterres


UN Secretary General

Young people are a vast source of innovation, ideas and solutions. They are pushing strongly for the changes we need in the technology arena, in climate action, and in calling for inclusive and just societies



To integrate all valuable resources and capabilities to promote the realization of the goals of the Youth 2030: The United Nations Youth Strategy, and to train young people to become role models of leadership, pioneers of knowledge and innovation, and to play an important and constructive role in sustainable development, crisis prevention and the promotion of world peace.

Cultivating the “Four Characteristics” young leaders of the future relying on the global knowledge and operational networks of the United Nations system, we will promote the dissemination of knowledge in the fields of climate change, economic and social development, science and technology, encourage young people to pay attention to global issues such as the environment, public health, climate change and so on, and nurture internationalized young talents with a global outlook and the ability to solve complex problems, so as to enhance their leadership,

innovation, socialization and implementation skills.

Image by Hannah Busing


Official United Nations Certificate

Participants who complete all course tasks and pass the assessment will receive an official certificate issued by the United Nations and partner organizations, stating the courses taken and the level of the assessment, certifying the completion of the course and the practical competencies you have achieved.

Young Volunteers


UN and MNC Future Internships and Practicum Opportunities

Subject to the eligibility criteria for UN and MNC internships, Distinguished Young Leaders will be given priority to apply for UN and MNC internships and program opportunities, which will provide them with a unique opportunity to plan for their overall future career development.

UN and MNC Future Internships and Practicum opportunities

Subject to the eligibility criteria for UN and MNC internships, Distinguished Young Leaders will be given priority to apply for UN and MNC internships and program opportunities, which will provide them with a unique opportunity to plan for their overall future career development.

Authoritatively hosted by the United Nations specialized agencies

The project is hosted by the Multilateral Diplomacy Division of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), which is dedicated to providing learning, analysis, and systemic solutions with the goal of empowerment for global sustainable development. The project is fully supported by the Social Impact Investment Foundation (SIIF) and Multinational Corporations Carbon Neutral 50 Forum (MNC50 Forum). The program is a showcase for global sustainability with official authority and

professional guidance.

Why you should be joining us?


Senior and Outstanding Youth Mentors

Senior mentors and outstanding youth mentors are assigned by the United Nations and multinational

corporations to provide systematic guidance, and young leaders who have been recognized by the United Nations as “Outstanding Youth Leaders” and have made outstanding achievements in the fields of climate change, international exchange, innovation and entrepreneurship are specially invited to provide guidance and mentorship.

Field Trips, High-end Dialogues with Leaders

The program organizes field visits to R&D laboratories, production factories and supply chains of multinational corporations, and specially invites senior managers of multinational corporations and top technology and innovation enterprises to have on-site dialogues with the participants, to discuss how to achieve zero-carbon production and green, low-carbon transformation and sustainable development through technological R&D and investment.

Teamwork and Collective Accomplishment

From the beginning of the program, participants will be divided into several groups to role-play the

project, with special emphasis on teamwork for case analysis and collective results presentation, and finally assess the collective results and collective accolades of the team, so as to cultivate social skills and teamwork spirit of the participants.

Separating Waste

Course Modules

The project consists of three modules:

  1. Online course and self elective selection (4 days, online group learning, credit hour accumulation and mentor-assisted selection of topics)

  2. Field Visits and High-Level Dialogues (5 days, visits to multinational companies, group discussions, round-table dialogues with senior business executives)

  3. Presentation of results, awarding of certificates and future participation in UN events (1 day, presentation of team results, evaluation by mentor group)

Project Period :

  • Summer Camp Module (Beijing): 2024.August.1-10, 10 days (4 days online, 5 days visits, 1 day debriefing)

  • Winter Camp Module (Shenzhen):                 2025. January 6-15, 10 days (4 online, 5 on-site, 1 debriefing)

Course Modules and Course Fulfillment Requirements

UN SDG and Climate Change

Online Course Module

Field Visit and Roundtable Discussion Module 

Participants are required to take the course on their own and fulfill at least 20 credit hours of coursework. Participants will receive a UN training certificate upon completion of the course. Participants are required to submit an essay (learning experience and outlook).

Participants must attend all visits and roundtable discussions throughout the program. Participants are required to ask questions and interact with each other at least once. Participants must participate in at least one session as a moderator or event host.

Global Youth Leadership for
Sustainable Development Program

Breakout Sessions and Outstanding Youth Ambassadors Competition

Field Visit and Roundtable Discussion Module 

Participants will compete in a roundtable competition on topics such as global climate change or science driving the future. Mentors will provide on-site guidance on the rules and regulations. Each round table will consist of 10 members and will have a 60-minute preparation time for the competition. The project is centered around the themes of sustainable development, science, technology and innovation, and climate change, and is carried out in a collaborative manner, with a sub-component on development and climate change showcasing the results of teamwork and leadership. The competition is conducted through on-site presentations, and final judging is done by a panel of experts from the United Nations.

All participants of the program must participate in the competition. On-site comments and scoring will conducted by a team of program mentors and expert advisors, with an open and transparent competition mechanism. The competition must be conducted in teams, fully demonstrating teamwork and leadership. Outstanding teams will be awarded medals and certificates such as Young Ambassadors for Sustainable Development.

Online Course Module (Proposed)

United Nations Online Self-study modules, UNITAR and SIIF specially customized modules

Indicators for an inclusive green economy: Introductory course

Green transition in Eastern Partnership Countries

Green Fiscal Policy

Green Economy and Trade

Indicators for an inclusive green economy: Advanced course

Green Industrial Policy: Promoting Competitiveness and Structural Transformation

Introduction to Sustainable Finance

Introduction to Green Economy

Site Tour Modules

Field visits and high-level dialogues with enterprises


Beijing Mercedes-Benz Intelligent, Low-carbon "World class workshop"

The Mercedes-Benz Group has developed a complete digitalized and manufacturing system for automotive manufacturing (through seamless integration of the process, including smart production, smart logistics, smart quality, and smart maintenance, and the organic integration of the system with machines and vehicles).


Airbus sustainable aviation fuel program


Lenovo's “state-of-the-art” Zero Carbon Workshop

Lenovo's Zero Carbon Building (from architectural design, construction process, campus management, growth process, warehousing and logistics, restaurant services, data center, digital collaboration, and greening). Carbon reduction in nine areas: building design, construction process, campus management, growth process, warehousing and logistics, restaurant services, data center, digital collaboration, and green energy; 90 carbon reduction scenarios.


Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D

Group continues to make efforts in the field of cutting-edge computer science technologies, focusing on the research of next-generation revolutionary technologies involving natural user interfaces, intelligent multimedia, artificial intelligence, cloud and edge computing, big data and knowledge mining, and the fundamentals of computer science, etc., and is committed to the rapid translation of the latest research results to a globally oriented approach.


The Tencent Low Carbon Lab

They are a research and development and innovation base where Tencent's sustainable social value responds to the national “dual-carbon” strategy, hoping to help society and industries achieve carbon neutrality through technological, product, and model innovations and the use of digital tools.


Beijing Yihuatong Technology

A national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, and industrialization of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cells, and a pioneer in the research, development, and industrialization of fuel cell systems in China.


Goldwind Zero Carbon Intelligent Park Project

China's first carbon-neutral park, with energy scenarios as its centerpiece, brings together all the technical modules of the park's operation system, the park's centralized control center, and the park's intelligent systems/applications to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.


BOE Technology Group

A leading global IoT innovator providing smart port products and professional services for information interaction and human health, with a business structure of “1+4+N+Eco-chain” focusing on semiconductor display, IoT innovations, sensors and solutions, MLEDs, and smart medical and industrial integration.


Beijing Huairou Science City

It is one of the “Three Cities and One Area”, Beijing's main platform for strengthening the international scientific and technological innovation center, and is strategically positioned to create a new strategic and forward-looking basic research center, a centralized host of comprehensive national scientific centers, and a model area for growth and livability and innovation.


VELUX China Office Building

It is the first Active House building in China. Its design concept is to focus on the health and comfort of the building's interior, with the ultimate goal of realizing My Well- Being, while paying attention to energy and the environment throughout the building's life cycle of design, construction and operation.


Schneider Electric Digital Industrial Demonstration Park

Schneider Electric has built 93 “zero-carbon workplaces” around the world, realizing a carbon-neutral system for the entire industrial chain and value chain.


Lujiashan Waste-to-energy Incinerator

Beijing's largest waste incinerator is known as the most beautiful waste incinerator in China. It treats more than 3,000 tons of garbage per day, generates 380 million kWh of electricity per year, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.


Phoenix International Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Park

It is the largest single agribusiness R&D park in the world and is a comprehensive agri-tech business innovation park.


China Energy Construction University (Tongzhou)

China's first “double-zero” building to achieve “zero energy consumption” and “zero carbon emissions”.


AIRLOOK Aerospace Technology

It is committed to utilizing 3D reconstruction and artificial intelligence technology to restore the physical world, build a base of basic data for the digital world, and create a global, sustainably updated 3D map ecology.


Mech-Mind Robotics

They have accumulated a deep knowledge of core technologies such as optical/mechanical/electrical core devices, imaging algorithms, visual recognition algorithms, artificial intelligence algorithms, robotics algorithms, industrial software, etc., and have already formed a complete intelligent robotics infrastructure product stack including self-developed, high-performance, industrial-grade 3D cameras and a series of platform software.

Presentation of Team Achievements and Awards at the Closing Ceremony

UN Climate Action and Innovative Science and Technology Activities

01 Group discussion

02 Mentor's guidance

03 Presentation of Team results

04 Evaluation by mentors and experts

05 Competion ceremony

06 Group photo

Officials from UN agencies and representatives of multinational corporations will be invited to participate in a presentation of the team's results (participants will be divided into groups from the beginning of the project to select a topic, work in teams to create the results, and each participant must take part in the presentation), and certificates will be awarded to those who pass. Outstanding team members will be recommended to be invited to participate in the following modules of the International Conference on Climate Change (optional):

  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Azerbaijan)

  • United Nations Millennium Summit (New York)

  • World Conference of the Commission on the Status of Women (New York)

  • ASEAN-China-India Youth Leadership Summit (Singapore)

  • Major international events on climate change and clean energy organized by multinational corporations.


Past Guest
and Global Faculty

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Red Mountain

Distinguished Young Mentors

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Light and Shadow


Project Management 


The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), was established in 1963 as an autonomous body within the United Nations with the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the work of the UN and its member states. UNITAR supports governments in implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Its main mission is to transform mindsets to address complex global challenges by providing learning, analysis

and empowering solutions for global sustainable development. UNITAR designs and conducts close to 500 different training and knowledge sharing events per year for some 50,000 beneficiaries worldwide. Participants include diplomats, other government officials, non-governmental representatives, and other stakeholders.

Project Implementation 

Subject 2.png

The China Association for the Development of Asian Economies (hereinafter referred to as “CAEDA”) is a national-level legal organization established under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China and registered by the Ministry of Politics of the People's Republic of China. The Association serves multilateral inter-communal diplomacy and economic and social development through economic cooperation and cultural exchanges, with a focus on promoting partnerships with other countries in the Asian region and globally.

Project Support

Image 19-6-2024 at 11_edited.jpg

The MNC Carbon Neutral 50 Forum was established in Beijing in 2021 by a group of Chinese senior executives from several multinational companies. The Forum is currently composed of senior executives of the world's top 500 multinational companies from Europe and the United States. (TotalEnergies, Air Liquide, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Microsoft, Shell, Engie, Starbucks, Torma, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, General Motor, ThyssenKrupp, Honeywell, General Electric, CICC, Nike, etc.)


The Social Impact Investing Foundation (SIIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing special-purpose fundraising, impact investing, sustainable public procurement,

and technical support based on experience, knowledge, and management in support of the United Nations, international organizations, and other development partners to achieve the

seventeen global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aiming to promote financial, project, and technical cooperation among governments, investment, science and technology,

and the business community, including international development organizations and aid agencies.

Achievements of past students:

Students' knowledge and vision have been greatly enhanced, and many outstanding students have been recommended to be admitted to Cambridge, Oxford and famous Ivy League schools in the United States.

Requirements: Youth between the ages of 13 and 23 with good English language skills

Program Duration: First and second week of August 2024


Location: Beijing

Invitation Availability is limited and subject to final official confirmation. For more information or to register, please contact our program advisor.

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