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About SII
Limited Partnership Fund

The Foundation initiates four main types of funding:


  • Special Purpose Funding: Direct donations to support projects/programs within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.  The Foundation will use funds and procurement as leverage to strengthen cooperation with the United Nations procurement system and other business-based procurement entities, specifically focusing on developing sustainable procurement methodologies, assessment tools, regulatory systems, and institutional capacity-building training activities.

  • Partnership FundingContribute to support to the projects UN-SDGs Foundation supported.

  • Funding for the Foundation's ongoing development, particularly for selected social impact and sustainable procurement projects.  Upon request of partners or project development needs, the Foundation can organize expert missions or thematic consultation meetings, provide technical consultants.

  • Fundraising services for other projects and technical partner institutions.

Fund and Investment Principles (ESPRIT)

Based on the three most fundamental ESG principles of socially responsible investing, the Foundation will adopt the Six Principles of Social Impact Investing (ESPRIT), version 3.0, based on the applicable national and business environments for impact investing, which are in fact also the six capabilities of Chinese enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility.


  1. Economic, which emphasis on the business development model and sustainability of the financial returns of the enterprise or project itself.

  2. Social responsible, which emphasizes the ability of business investments and operations to have a positive social impact on the community.

  3. Progressiveness, which emphasizes the progressiveness of the ideas, technologies and methodologies brought about by an enterprise or business investment.

  4. Reproducible, which emphasizes the ability of business investment to go beyond basic environmental protection to ensure environmental regeneration and environmental friendliness.

  5. Innovation, which emphasizes a firm's ability to maintain continuous innovation that can drive growth in value and efficiency of its investments.

  6. Transparency, which emphasizes the consistent application, discipline and transparency of influence principles to investment decisions and governance throughout a company or business.


The Foundation's fundraising, direct investment and procurement practices must be consistent with the Six Principles (ESPRIT), a methodology that runs throughout the Foundation's operations.

Funding Restricts

The Foundation restricts the use of its funds in FIVE categories.

  1. Projects that do not meet the "six principles" of social impact investing, including technical support such as financial support, direct investment and investment and financing guarantees.

  2. Absolute prohibition of any links, including financial involvement, with any criminal organization or institution involved in terrorism, extremism, activities against humanity, money-laundering and drug trafficking.

  3. To refrain from cooperating in the activities and projects of, or being financially associated with, any organization or institution involved in acts against the rights and interests of women, gender discrimination, racial discrimination, the interests of persons with disabilities, etc..

  4. Do not provide external financial and fiscal guarantees of any kind.

  5. The Foundation shall not provide financial support, guarantees, investment and financing to individual members of the senior management, including immediate family holding companies, and shall adhere to the "principle of conflict of interests".

Oversight and Audit

To ensure the clean, efficient and transparent management and operation of funds, projects, procurement, investment and related activities, the Foundation will establish a Fund & Project Supervisory Committee, which will be composed of representatives of stakeholders such as donors, project partners, independent investment, financing and project management experts, and invite third-party independent auditors to conduct comprehensive supervision, audits and inquiries on all fundraising, fund utilization, investment activities, procurement, project management and other activities of the Foundation.


The Fund and Project Oversight Committee has a chairman and several members, who are recommended and appointed by the Oversight Committee. The term of office of the chairman and members is three years and they can be re-elected.

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