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Corporate Membership

The Foundation has a corporate partnership system that includes donor partners and non-donor partners. 


  • Donor partners agree with the mission and objectives of the Foundation and provide direct financial support to the Foundation voluntarily, which can be donated directly to the Foundation for overall use or assigned to a specific project/activity of the Foundation


  • Non-donor partners do not provide direct financial support but provide capacity and technical support through human resources, partnerships, branding and other resource platforms. 


Does not accept donations from organizations and institutions that may be involved in terrorist activities, violent organizations, arms manufacturers and distributors, tobacco manufacturers and distributors, liquor manufacturers and distributors, religious orders and any other organizations and institutions that engage in any activities that are not permitted or accepted under international law. 


All partnership applications are subject to an independent background check and are approved by the Law and Ethics Commission. Contributions may only be made with partnership and, as a matter of principle, the Foundation only accepts contributions from institutional partners, while contributions from individual partners require a majority vote (two-thirds affirmative) of the Management Steering Committee.

Corporate members

chinachem Group 華懋集團.png
China New Economy Fund 中國新經濟投資 _ HKEx 0080.HK.gif
medical technologies limited 迪臣國際醫學儀器.png
屏幕截图 2023-08-10 211328.png
Seal Eco Advance Limited.png
Innovax Holdings 創陞控股 _ HKEx 2680.HK.png
OM Sciences Company Limited.jpeg
Cubechain Company Limited.pic.jpg
HK Petrochemical.jpeg
Awardee - LOGO-YATOGO.png
GRT_Logo (AI)-pdf.png
Move Foundation (1).jpeg

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